Combined Air Limited: Nationwide Specialists in Dust and Fume Extraction Units, based in Wellingborough

With over 20 year experience in the Dust and Fume extraction sector, our knowledgeable team offer a wide range of services.

We Specialise in Electrostatics i.e Smog Hog, Trion, ACS, LTA, Elberon, IFE.


Other units i.e Losma, filtermist, ACS, OMF, LTA, Reven, Absolent, Cleanmist, DCE dust units, Donaldsons, Kemper, Nederman.

Specialising In:

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Specialising in Electrostatic Precipitators


Combined Air Limited also specialise in the service and repair of Electrostatic Precipitators. For more information on this service please Contact Us.